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Auntie Sun

We had lunch on our way back from Washington D.C. She and her husband were visiting their daughter Qing at Wilmington, DE. Uncle didn’t come because he didn’t feel good. More pix on piwigo .

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Legitimate rape

.. .. with all due respect, despite the American women think they’ve it all and have it the best, it’s really otherwise. I admire their can-do attitude but feeling sorry for their abortion plight. Couldn’t imagine when/why my private matter … Continue reading

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原始點療法 原來這就是善化小葉消除我們身體不適的作法 原始點療法, 張釗漢 醫師無私的把此療法公開與推廣。 概述:原始點療法是一個全新的醫學觀念,不只治療疼痛,還能解除人類身上所有病痛,不需用針,不必吃藥,只用雙手推揉固定部位,即可達到 明顯療效,輕微者甚至可一次治癒,連癌症治療都能得到印證,創始者 張釗漢 醫師成立張釗漢疼痛醫療基金會推廣,免費教學,希望每個人都能學 會如何照顧自己的身體,並應用此一療法幫助其他處於病痛中的朋友。 張釗漢老師展現了無私和大愛。他示現了一位大醫的風範! 本是台灣南部的一位開業中醫師。 原始點療法: 不只治療疼痛,還能解除人類身上所有病痛,不需用針,不必 .. .. .. .. 但在多年前歷經最親愛的牽手(師母)往生之後,曾經一夜白頭的他痛定思痛地放下過去種種所學,更放下醫師的身段來研究人人可用的醫學,由大量地親近和救治因各種原因而若痛不堪的病患後,終於整理出利用身上對應疾病的原始點,進而以最安全便捷的手法完成身體自我修復的驚人醫 術。張 老師在無數案例的經驗後,深感這是最契合時代需求而最能在任何環境下救助病苦的方式。張 老師毅然決然地變賣了家產,也關掉了診所,全力來將這個寶貝推向每一個需要幫助的眾生。

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Taking pills in China

I have been lucky in that I’m pretty healthy, don’t need to take any pills .. if I got headache or fever, I go to swim instead – it always works for me like charm. But this past April the … Continue reading

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The rise of Brooklyn

Brooklyn rebounds as the new bohemia on USA Today NEW YORK – At the end of another disappointing season, Brooklyn Dodgers fans would console themselves with the refrain, “Wait ’til next year!” The team is long gone, but for Brooklyn, … Continue reading

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Soundview Medical Group LLC

Nearly two years ago I visited this primary doctor’s office. Because it was my first time, the office manager/nurse instructed me to get blood test first. A very good sign. I liked that efficiency a lot. Having some unpleasant experience … Continue reading

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