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Xiao Yifu treated us to the ice dance: Artistry on Ice. The tickets cost 180 yuan. On the ticket, the warning goes: 注意:票品真伪快速检验方法见票纸背面,入场时另有精密仪器鉴别真伪,勿存侥幸心理 Little more than half of the seats were filled. TV monitors were blurry .. over all was … Continue reading

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LBZ in the National Museum of China

. The new 中国国家博物馆 in TianAnMen is pretty good: I over stayed, hence made me late for my next appointment – the Capital Museum. In one of the show rooms, under the banner 洋务派兴办的近代军事工业概况表 (1863-1890), it listed: 浙江机器局 in Hangzhou … Continue reading

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