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#172 Middle School 一七二中

fm top/left: (涂?)宏刚, 2张勇,3汝继来,4胡立柱,5杨博文,6姜淳,7?, 杨尚黎,9李长宏?,10乜勇,11王琪 严小青,林镭,3,李平 (Japan),张捷,6,姚谦明,8金xx,9李思辉,10唐世平,11邱坚平,黄浩,丁力 吴茜,2邢建荣,石明雅,4钱立红,汪挥,关涛(林)主任,林清秋,百宝燕 (演),9陈红,王丽达(霞),11王一佳,郭宏,张亦实,13高辉,14于玉兰 涂宏燕,薛玉清,3李京辉,4薛利平,苏甦,张凝,司马兰,9付静,杨燕,石燕梅,陈向红,13龚惠芝 During the years of junior high, our classes were regrouped once. I was in Class #2 before and after but others may be in different classes at different time. This … Continue reading

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館藏號 03-16-001-02-003 資料類別 全宗: 北洋政府外交部 系列: 租地租界 宗: 美人山東、直隸租地 冊: 美人泰羅盜賣福山鴻溝河草場地畝與美女教士梅耐德 件: 外人不得永租官地由 檔案描述 時間: 民國06年08月 產生者: 山東督軍 收文者: 外交部 資料型式: 電 語文: 中文 頁數: 3 版本: 原檔 權威控制 職銜權威: 山東督軍 人名權威: 張懷芝 .

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Bobby to Town

Bobby to Town By Amber Li 3.25.2009 . . Kids running, jumping, Bobby to town. They are running to death so they spin around. They know what’s happening in town. It’s a huge concert with you and me. Together, running, … Continue reading

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