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First Asian model on Victoria’s Secret runway

Duh … The Russians Chinese are Coming .. Duhhh .. Liu Wen at 5’10” sure should have a presence. But Is she pretty? Not in my book. And she needs to hide her gum and fix her teeth .. Maggie … Continue reading

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The power of onion

From a friend.. ~ . ~ 洋蔥 的有趣 實驗 – 保健強身- 非看不可 — Onion 目前甲流在世界各地肆虐,美國已經宣佈進入緊急狀態,加拿大在全國免費注射疫苗,中國也有5萬多人感染了病毒。上周我有兩個午餐會不得不取消,本周也是難以確定好幾個午餐會是否要舉行,因為很多人生病(不一定是甲流)。這次的流感的確給人們的生活帶來很多麻煩和困擾。一個加拿大朋友把下面這封郵件發給我和一些朋友。我把它翻譯出來送給大家,希望對你有所幫助,希望大家健康平安不要生病。其中的一些東西與中醫和華人飲食有關聯。 In 1919. When the flu killed 40 million people, there was this doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them … Continue reading

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