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Wolfberry 宁夏枸杞

Wolfberry– commercially called goji berry – is the common name for the fruit of two very closely related species: Lycium barbarum (Chinese: 寧夏枸杞; pinyin: Níngxià gǒuqǐ) and L. chinense (Chinese: 枸杞; pinyin: gǒuqǐ), two species of boxthorn in the family … Continue reading

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Food, Inc

One night about 12 or 13 years ago Joseph Connelly came to dine. Joe’s Gofer’s college buddy, and the publisher of the wildly popular magazine VegNews. When I first met him, he was a halfway vegetarian, still eating limited human … Continue reading

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Michelle the Angel

Madam Michelle replied that her tattoos are an expression of love for these gods that i wear on my skin, and keep in my heart.. She titled this shot the goddess tattoo. It was taken over 2 years ago at … Continue reading

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