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A crowds pleasing dessert

Simple to make. I don’t like sweet too much. So if I make a dessert, it has to be good 🙂 At last girls’ lunch, I asked the ladies to show something special, like an award winning recipe:) yet simple … Continue reading

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A few good uses of vinegar

Vinegar in colloquial Chinese means jealous. Not sure what kind of vinegar this list referring to: white, red, black, balsamic, cider … well, balsamic is black 🙂 silly. I enjoy vinegar of all kind. Really. 醋的多种保健 不看不知道 1、睡前一杯冷开水,加一汤匙醋,喝后可助眠。 2、打嗝时饮醋一小杯,一口气喝下去即可消除。 3、便秘者每日酌量喝白水加醋,可润肠通便。 … Continue reading

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