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2 writers’ remembrances of their parents

Two sons’ starkly different accounts of their parents, Christopher Buckley – the only child of two charismatic – and complicated parents, and Joe Queenan – whose father’s continued existence threatened him and his sibling and who never goes to bed … Continue reading

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Money and beauty 郎财女貌

A while back when a reporter asked Melanie Knaus would she love Donald Trump if he weren’t rich. Miss Knaus replied “Would he love me if I weren’t beautiful?” As if the common sentiment goes that it’s ok when a … Continue reading

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Working Girl

Julissa Brisman, the Internet masseuse, and Philip Markoff, the craigslist killer, the story is dominating the news. A gorgeous New York model who doubled as an Internet masseuse was shot dead at a posh Boston hotel – and cops think … Continue reading

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Inviting your ex to the wedding

Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault‘s wedding has Hayek’s ex Edward Norton in attendance, and Bruce Willis and Emma Heming‘s wedding with Demi Moore in attendance. I thought Heming looks bit like Moore. .. Once, on separate occasion I asked two … Continue reading

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