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Lipstick Jungle

Not a very credible story. The writer must be young. It made me think of .. 1. the taste of new China where people seem to have less redeeming value which is very sad 2. a gift I received two … Continue reading

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Lipstick Jungle 一支口紅

新婚的最初是幸福甜蜜的。 可是,沒多久,這種平靜就被破壞了。 作為秘書的她經常要陪同經理參加各種會議和酒會。 一次商務洽談會,雙方代表圍坐在圓桌前商談有關事宜,她同往常一樣做會議記錄,當她拿起紙杯輕喝一口茶時,一個鮮紅的唇印印在了杯沿上 [is this the new etiquette in work place?],她十分不好意思地將沾了口紅的那一面轉向自己,生怕被別人看見恥笑自己。 [once we went to wine tasting and Golfer complained .. so I hardly use lipstick now .. 丑人多事 🙂 ] 然而,這一幕還是被對方的女秘書發現了。 宴會結束之後,她到洗手間洗手,碰見了那個女秘書,女秘書說:「你口紅的顏色很漂亮,只可惜印在杯上就不太雅觀了,我們做秘書的代表一個公司的形象,是不可以用那些廉價口紅的。」 在她轉身關上門的瞬間,淚從她的臉上流了下來。 婚後,為了能擁有自己的房子,賺錢成了他們生活的重心。 她的衣飾和化妝品只占了日常開銷的極少一部分,口紅大多是10元左右一支的,她從沒有在乎過它的價格,只覺得青春是驕傲的資本 [really? how come … Continue reading

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Choo choo train

That’s the name King used for the Thomas the tank Engine when he was little. I even built him the train table (yes, I love carpentry and decent at it) since I didn’t like the formica one we found in … Continue reading

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Whole white winter wonderland


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S. Dynasty

  S. Dynasty @ Radisson 511 Lexington Ave, Fl 2 @ 48th St New York, NY 10017 Phone: (347) 394-7011 It’s above average. Clean and neat. I was hungry, just did 52 laps at pool.

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The Citifield

  C closed at US$1.03, a penny stock now. A-Rod made headline news with his pending surgery to remove a cyst from his right hip. Given the state of the economy, the price Citifield is charging – Golfer went to … Continue reading

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Horay, Pumpkin made her lacrosse varsity team. Poor mom I waited for an hour, then saw the three smiling girls piled in and as I was driving, they were still giggling. Girls! pls get hold of yourself 🙂 hehehe .. … Continue reading

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Bistro Toulouse

  I’m glad to find this little nice eatery, owns and operates by a young couple, wife mans the front while the hubby cooks. His youthful-looking mom (on the right) waits the table too. We ended up at Louie’s. Before … Continue reading

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Canning a DWIer ..

How about this punishment? Will this deter the drunk driving?

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Green and clean are the new currency?

cleanenergypreneurs and cleanenergyvestors are the new terms coined by Dennis Posadas. We’ll see how far they’ll go.

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4-year old Boy Wins Use of Tropical Island in Lottery

TAIPEI (March 4) – A 4-year-old boy has won the use of an uninhabited tropical island, with white sand beaches and clear turquoise waters, in a Taiwan lottery aimed at boosting spending during an economic downturn.

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