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New York Punk

Walter’s old poster is fetching US$1,000 on Christie’s. Have you saved all the old posters? Reportedly the world was overjoyed that Hussein is our next president. Don’t mind that we had toppled one Hussein and put him to death and … Continue reading

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一個打扮入時的女子深夜漫步鄭州街頭, 一巡警問道:’幹什麼的? ‘ 女子答:’做妓者工作的’ 巡警肅然起敬, 溫和的問道:’請問哪家報社的?’ 妓女羞答道:’晚抱的’。 “哪家晚報?” 妓女羞答道:’和男晚抱’, 巡警:”河南晚報,不錯不錯,我喜歡!” 妓女羞答道:”這工作一般都是晚上敢搞”, 巡警:”晚上趕稿確實挺辛苦的”, 妓女羞答道:”謝謝大哥理解,有空來搞!” 巡警:”好的,一定一定!’

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