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The foot and the shoe

In reality, more than one person in a relationship (most often involves two), has its own dynamics, and people in it have their own special way of coping with one another, be spouses (heterosexual or homosexual,), significant others, friends and … Continue reading

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Putting life in raw perspective

命運就像強姦,你反抗不了就要學會享受. 工作就像輪姦,你不行了別人就上. 生活就像自慰,什麼都得靠自己雙手 學習就像嫖娼,出完錢後又出力 工資就像月經,一月不來你就傻眼 談判就像口交,費盡了口舌也就那點收穫 貸款就像發情,一想起來馬上就要 獎金就像陰毛,掉的要比長的多 領導就像陰道,總是欺軟怕硬 開會就像亂倫,搞不清誰該搞誰 兄弟像避孕套,桶多大的婁子都幫你兜著 看了不傳 (forward to your friends) 的就像陽痿,明明看爽了,就是沒動作!!! .. I got this in e-mail from Lou ..  Didn’t get this one the first time.  When I finally got it, I thought … Continue reading

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Ketchikan, Alaska

Our first port of call at Ketchikan, Aug 18.  This year is very rainy in Alaska.

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