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  Ferrara cafe in the Little Italy is an institution, sort of.  Established in 1892.  I would always stop by when I’m in the area.  It’s only two blocks away from Canal Street.  This coffee shop’s tiramisu is sublime, cheese … Continue reading

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PowerSchool, ParentLink, ParentConnect ..

Our school’s web provides many info that used to reach us va snail mails or phone calls, now in a timely manner.  Sounds great, but do we parents need to know all of those, and have they implemented those in a timely manner? Many … Continue reading

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Marriage and shoes

  I went to a ballroom dancing party the other night in jeans.  Katie’s friend, actually her mother-in-law’s friend was performing and she was there to lend her support at cost of $40 per person.  I kidded her, “60+ years old?  She … Continue reading

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Tiger’s challenger

Why there are so many world class Korean golfers around, given the size of their entire population, which only estimated at little less than 50 millions?  Hard driving and ball-sy?  One of friends loved to tell this story: he went out alone to play … Continue reading

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We the Beijingers ..

At one of those AFS lunches once, David the organizer introduced me to a lady, saying she’s from Beijing too. Oh cool .. We exchanged names and then she asked me, “Which high school did you go to?” ?? “Renda … Continue reading

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Yizang’s work

    Yizang’s having great time at his current job, the art director for the Trojan 木马.  He sends me his work often.  He’s great sense of style, but the wording often left me guessing: not that I couldn’t read … Continue reading

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