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The NY governors’ appearance 相

 Peterson   Spitzer   Pataki On new NY governor David Peterson’s infidelity, NYT said .. It remains to be seen, however, how long Republicans will give him a honeymoon. .. ..The governor expressed uncertainty about whether he had used campaign funds to … Continue reading

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Last Friday we were talking about Bear Stearn, speculating that one or more hedgies wanted their money out [fm Bear] but couldn’t.  So they told other hedgies, hence the Northern Rock began, on Wall Street.  Reportedly, Jamie Dimon was having a … Continue reading

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6.4. recap .. It’s the economy, Stupid!

        The unrest in Tibet has the uncanny smell of 1989 in Tiananmen Square: all the western major media outlets report on the plight of the Tibetans but their violent protest.  The burning of han Chinese stores showed Tibetans’ … Continue reading

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