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Leslie’s 风继续吹

I often regard Cantonese as a cute spoken dialect, not something of elegance.  But I love Hong Kong pop songs, for its handsome lyrics.  张国荣 Leslie Cheung’s my fave, especially  his 风继续吹.  This is an earlier version

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Have you seen the pictures?

Ops, the Pretty Woman forgot her razor ..  .. “Have you seen the lady’s man with his seven starlet dwarfs?” No I haven’t till last night – hi Lou, how come we didn’t get the DVD?  I read about it by … Continue reading

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Tai Shan

Tai Shan is one of Rush‘s, written by Neil Peart in the 1980s as he toured the holy mountain in Shandong. .. High on the sacred mountain Up the seven thousand stairs In the golden light of autumn There was magic … Continue reading

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