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An icy night here in NY .. Jen called asking if we have badminton tonight .. due to the forecasted snow storm.  Are you kidding?  Of  course!  Life goes on with or without the storm, 🙂  We took Mike and … Continue reading

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My family usually enjoy the curry I cooked with the recipe by a dear Pakistani friend of Renate.  Aside from curry powder, he prescribed five more powders.  The other day, Simon gave me this bag of curry powder.  Little orangey, very spicy (guess the … Continue reading

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Uhhher .. it’s snowing ice right now .. The other day I found this from my local Chinese grocery store .. on the southern side of LIE service road in Little Neck, next to Duran Reade.  I asked around in the story as … Continue reading

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Chinese are coming

Ok, the Russians are coming .. Putin’s disciple will be the president and in return, he promised to appoint Putin as the PM, in order for him to maintain real power.  Well trained puppet!  How cool. China is allowing US food inspectors, in … Continue reading

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