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Pain on the neck

One thing I don’t understand, why the manufacturers have to stitch the labels in the back of the garment .. the neck?  It hurts.  Especially when the morons use the hard/big materials on children’s.  What are they thinking??  Can’t it be … Continue reading

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Currency problem

The Nixon-era Treasury Secretary famously told a group of Europeans that yes the dollar was “our currency, but your problem.”  Now that $ is weak and people start calling for Euro to replace it.  Not sure it will materialize.

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Religions n Bill Clinton

Do religions give you more strength, enlighten you?  Obviously I was born and bred in the heathen country, so I’m a heathen; don’t know the privileges and benefits being religious.. .. So, what would Romney do if he becomes pres?

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My prince

The last piece of remnant of my lost love or last love .. My last Prince.  Either got stolen or I lost it somewhere.  It was a while ago.  At time, few friends had been suggesting or hinting to get a … Continue reading

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The food connoisseur

I have a small family (well, it’s larger than my own since I don’t have any sibling) to feed.  With the able ability I usually possess, I’d think it’s piece of cake.  … Nay, I was wrong.  Golfer likes his … Continue reading

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School bags

My school bag had always been within the reasonable limit, manageable weight.  One might argue that during my time learning wasn’t important.  King’s bag weight more than a mountain, I simply had to tense up to barely lift it off … Continue reading

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Unhappy about happy

Americans are smart lot: in their The Declaration of Independence, the right to Life and Liberty are guaranteed, but not the Happiness itself, it’s the pursuit of the Happiness.  When the girls got mad that they couldn’t beat Seles, so they complained about … Continue reading

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Political Crisis Deepens in Lebanon

Lebanon awoke a republic without a president Saturday amid mounting worries over a power vacuum that has intensified the nation’s yearlong political turmoil. The capital was calm and shops opened… … No head of state? hey, forget to call Putin?  He … Continue reading

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