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Amex’s Plum Card

The new credit care comes out as quickly as the new Japanese prime minister’s debut.  But the color of this Amex’s new card is very sexy, don’t know what’s different with all other cards, 🙂 ..

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Two bucks Chuck

A friend from NJ bought this wine, $2 in CA and $3 in the east coast.  He’s been talking about it for a long time, finally we aligned our schedules.  Actually we’ve heard this wine from few others: good wine at … Continue reading

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Boot camp

Hey, I thought we Asians have more self control than the rest, 🙂 ..  Soon I might need to check into one of those fancy camps for excessive blogging, baifen, tennis, eating .. ..

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Out of Africa

Chinese working in Africa, the new colonialists, :).  My high school back then was the only international school in the country.  Each grade designated a class that accepted foreign students.  Well, George W. Bush took one look at China when his dad … Continue reading

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Beijing’s robo-trains given human touch

:).. China is really dotted their Is and cross the Ts for the coming out party: they’re hiring 70 drivers for the ‘driver-less’ Bombardier that is going to run between BJ airport and Dongzhimen, 28 km.  Those 70 trainees – all … Continue reading

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There are many brands of plastic eyes, Acuvue is one of them.  And within Acuvue, there are few different types.  Each box has 6 lenses of same prescription.  So if the right eye has different prescription, then two boxes are … Continue reading

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Wow .. a friend forwarded this 5 minutes performance: she has one arm and he has one leg.  What a pair of winners!!!  Beautifully done.

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