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The Color of Money

A trio of forgers, with half million pound in the bank but lived ‘in abject poverty’ .. for their motives were not money, rather than their resentment of the art market.  Neat.  The 47 years old son felt he was a … Continue reading

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Victoria Park on Sundays

Victoria Park (I think, or a park in the Central, by the water) had been taken over by the Filipino maids on Sundays. It’s pretty grand. A sea of them, chatting in their dialects. A few men were spotted, but … Continue reading

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A pretty ghost for the weekend

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Beijing forces Steinbrück to cancel visit

Due to the fact that Angela had a meeting with Dalai Lama back in September.  What does he bring to the table?  Did her meeting improve the human right condition in China?  This comes as a surprise, because Germany has been staying … Continue reading

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Juan Carlos’ words conquer the net

A new net star had just born with only five words – “Why don’t you shut up!” – have catapulted King Juan Carlos, the Spanish monarch, to internet stardom..

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