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Yahoo settles lawsuit with families of Chinese dissidents

Extortion for money?  Things turned ugly or bastardized when it’s being politicalized, or when lawyers get involved.  Did they get jailed because of some other things they did?  Solely on Tiananmen?  Then why Prof Ding Zilin is living free?

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Jiaozi and baozi

Recently I’ve been eating Kimbo jiaozi, dumplings which are pretty good: decent fillings and al dente skin.  They offer many varieties but lamb, unfortunately.  I also tried wei-chuan’s Nanxiang 南翔 xiao longbao which is too sweet for my taste.

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Stampede at Chinese supermarket kills three

Torrent of news about stampede at Chinese supermarket for discount oil made me wonder how/why do those people have some much time on hand?  It’s not like you’ll be saving a few hundred on a TV or alike, but a bottle of … Continue reading

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Kingmaker set to shift Denmark’s direction

A Palestinian immigrant from Syria, Mr Khader is set to emerge from Tuesday’s general election as the holder of the balance of power.  Look at that ..  America has it share of worldliness and sophistication – their economy, but the geography … Continue reading

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Plumber for hire

Fixing da toilet leak is not hard at all.  The learning curve is long thou.  First time the guy at Home Depot told me to buy the cover on the right side.  I replaced it.  But the leak still exist.  So I … Continue reading

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