Daily Archives: November 8, 2007

$100 toy

School issued this calculator, needed to be returned upon leaving.  It looks very complicated and taxing.  Will this little gadget deprive them from figuring out solutions on their own?  Or those solutions/equations are no longer needed to be figure out by middle/high schoolers?

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A shopping day

   Went to shopping on Tue at the mall, it’s like a zoo, mother/daughter teams were abundant.  I even ran into a neighbor there with her daughter, Pumpkin’s good friend.  Did Abercrombie & Fitch make the headline due to their racy … Continue reading

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Fusion cuisine

So far, I haven’t seen a fusion Korean yet.  The other day at Gam Mee Ok in Fort Lee, I perhaps had the taste of it?  Things were very sweet, gosh!  They don’t have bbq setting and offers just one bbq beef, … Continue reading

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The pediatrician

I think I found a nice pediatrician for Pumpkin too, in town.  The spacious office with endless rooms houses only two pediatricians whom we both met today. When the nurse promptly took her in for exam, I was ordered to follow. … Continue reading

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