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Taste .. in the gene

    This daniel hechter set was well liked by Pumpkin, “simple and pretty elegant” as she’s stuffing up her plate.  Very mature taste.  I sometimes wonder if the gene does run in the family, 🙂 or she says it to please me.  “You … Continue reading

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In a span of a single day, I often receive two or more packages for my kids, each one of them, not combined.  Wondering if they know the pleasure or the art of actually going to shop in the real … Continue reading

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Human right, dog right..

.. ..  Last October police in Beijing attempted to enforce rules limiting each household to a single registered animal no taller than 14 in. (35 cm). The drive sparked a rare public demonstration by hundreds of well-heeled Chinese, mostly young … Continue reading

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Red bean soup, half cheated

Half cheated, finally I made a delicious red bean soup.  Found a bag of red bean from the Korean store, soaked over night and mix with ready-to-eat red bean paste .. ..  It seems all the beans I bought from Chinese grocery … Continue reading

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Go green

    Green is my favored color ..  out of all those frames, I like this the best with 3 mattings.

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The color of skin

The other day, the entire family went to shopping together.  While waiting, one of the salesmen said, “I like the color of your skin.”  He’s black, over 6 foot tall, bit like Al Franken, and gay.  “I am sorry?” I … Continue reading

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The plastic eyes

When contact lenses first came to market, I heard a geologist mentioned that in rural Vietnam the peasants referred it as the ‘plastic eyes’.  Two years ago, I got a pack of colored contacts from an ophthalmologist, they’re still unopened.  The other day, I found … Continue reading

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Asia’s gender imbalance grows

CNN .. .. .. .. Gender imbalance among births has been rising in parts of Asia since the 1980s, after ultrasound and amniocentesis provided a way to determine a fetus’ sex early in pregnancy. Despite laws in several countries banning … Continue reading

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