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Reascending Jinggan Mountain

Reascending Jinggan Mountain is the name of a Mao’s poem that we all learned to memorize at school.  Written during his re-visit there May 22-29 1965, 38 years after the first gun shot that ultimately established the PLA. Very testosterone, … Continue reading

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The press release

Forest’s tour press release in Beijing was a hit,  CCTV, Xinhua … all covered it.  Lord, he looked old.  I’ve been nagging him to quit smoking, lol… guess all felt on deaf ears.  Oh well.  I should get a new hobby … Continue reading

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Hand me up

I used to dress my kids, back then, in a simpler times.  I didn’t have to worry about their approval, went whenever my time allowed  …. Today Slowpoke wanted to go cloth shopping, so I cut my tennis short, showered…. … Continue reading

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Beijing sets up futures safety net

China plans to establish a fund to protect investors against failures and mismanagement at futures brokerages.  The rumor that China is launching a index futures is true and imminent.  Many had predict in July.  The initial target for the fund is … Continue reading

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