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The graduation party

King has his graduation dinner-dance party tonight at the catering hall Leonard.  The janitor played the DJ … so no Backstreet boys or Spears, :).  “Oh, that’s nice way of using talent.” Lee commented as she’s giving the lesson.  When I dropped … Continue reading

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‘Postnup’ boom as hedgies seek to trim exposure to spouses

Postnup is the inthing right now.  Last week, Golfer went to a hedge fund party in Chicago, thought the Chicagoan girls would be bit more sophisticated than the Dallar dolls.  No, not much difference, the groupies in the cool Chicago let … Continue reading

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Group of 4 to replace the G8

Martin Wolf, the FT’s chief economist wrote yesterday that the forming of a G4 with the US, eurozone, Japan and China is sensible.  Quite few years back, once he talked about G7 prior to its meeting, I asked him why would Russia be … Continue reading

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The waiting game

It’s been few months that I’ve been trying to get Woodie’s Asian seminar going.  Right off the bat, the state owned brokerage in Beijing said “fine, no problem … we can host him ..”  I was thrilled.  Ok, if it’s fine, np, … Continue reading

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It’s a Memorial Day weekend 17 years ago that I first heard of timeshare.  A Filipino coworker saw me looking for a weekend trip so she offered me the ‘opportunity’, charging me $200 for a 2-night stay in the Poconos, the … Continue reading

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Oh thy hassle

I need to sell and buy some stocks.  Few clicks should accomplish the task, simple enough?  No.  Not with Citi culture: it took 13:47 minutes to execute just one transaction, costing me $35 commission on mere 200 shares.  Ok, it’s a … Continue reading

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An early exit

The auto exit got me out of this ghost trade, few seconds early.  Well, it’s my plan, and I’m staying with it.   Two more ghost later on, on the lower chart.      

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A marriage broker

One of marriage brokers (in Kunmin). Reportedly they have the official license to do the match making with non-Chinese. Not show how successful they’re nowadays. 为您架起异国情缘的幸福桥梁 圆您一个跨出国门的美丽梦想 外国男士的审美角度与中国男士的审美角度截然不同,不论你的外表如何,不论你的年龄大小,不论你是未婚还是离婚,也不论你是有无子女或学历高低, 在这里你都有机会找到友情和爱情!   咨询中心简介       昆明美国西联国际文化传播有限公司,是在昆明市工商正式注册的独立法人企业,昆明美国西联国际交友婚姻咨询中心是公司的直属机构。中心以个人身、心、灵SQ成长,举办个性主题沙龙,开展国际交友和跨国婚姻信息咨询服务为主要服务内容。      昆明美国西联国际文化传播有限公司,以其深厚的中西文化底蕴创立独有品牌特色。美国西联国际文化沙龙以其独特的高尚品质,创建了引导社会文明和时尚文化潮流的各类主题沙龙文化活动,赢得了崇尚高雅品质生活的人们的喜爱和追随,我们开办的爱的奇迹系列课题获得了广泛参与和好评,满足了人们渴望灵性成长和对未来生涯策划的良好夙愿。 公司倾情打造的美国西联国际交友婚姻咨询中心,有着资深海外背景支持,了解海外文化并与多家海外机构密切合作的经验,从事国际交友和婚姻咨询服务、信息服务。中心以会员海外婚姻成功率为目标来建立品牌,严格按照国际惯例和中国文化背景要求提供专业的国际交友、跨国婚姻服务咨询。人类是一个大家庭,地球就是一个大社区,我们亲眼目睹了许多不同肤色结合的幸福家庭,因而也特别坚信爱情与婚姻无国界之限,跨国交友更是实现美好的人生乐趣。 中心已经获得欧美十五家报社国际交友、跨国婚介资讯的代理权,以及新西兰欧亿国际总公司的云南总代理权,德国Pradas国际在中国大陆的唯一代理权,美国UDA国际婚介机构的代理权。 中心以国际超强资源信息为平台,是云南最具实力、专业与文化内涵的品牌机构。 中心设立的国际交友、婚介窗口,专为想过上异国情缘浪漫生活的您而设,同时为您缔造一条无需耗费巨资即能轻松走出国门,为自己、为子女开创一条幸福生活的金光大道。 中心以诚信为本,热忱为您提供最好的个性提升和包装策略,帮您重新打造一个崭新的人生脚本,为您提供最全面、最具体、最快捷的欧美强大资源信息平台,并为您全程做到最细致周到的个性化服务,使你在提升自我的同时创造出异国情缘的佳话。 … Continue reading

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Knowing your strength

Lou introduced me to John Wang who founded a biz development outfit in 1994 and is shuttling between China and USA, and his deputy Michael Liang.  During more than a decade promoting biz on either side of the Pacific Ocean, he has … Continue reading

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Different strokes

Different strokes have different requirements with different coaches.

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A ghosty morning

a ghosty morning so far: 3 losers in gold (2 ghosts n 1 zlr) and a winning ghost on dax … cut the loser short and let the winner run.

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A slow morning

A slow morning, barely carve out of a trade from gold, after missing one earlier at 8:15.

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Garry Kasparov is former world chess champion, retired 2 years ago from chess, co-founded The Other Russia, an opposition coalition.  He wrote a short article for Bizwk, Putin’s Critics: A Web Strategy.  I began to know him and Fischer, the two … Continue reading

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US Open in May?

  Friday night we got a treat: a former pro who played 1989 US Open came to challenge Tony who’s a 5.0 player and rarely does he find a opponent within our circle.  The story went like this: Tony showed … Continue reading

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Top spin

Slowpoke tried with Barry today and liked it.  He worked on her forehand top spin only.  She asked me few times about it, but I didn’t want to give her any advice since my forehand isn’t good.  It turns out, … Continue reading

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Sunny dumped me for Sunny

I got up at crack of dawn and raced to play with my weekend morning group.  Sunny and I got there at the same time, 6:48am.  Harrison and Robert, the pair early birds are perennial, were there sweating it out.  They both have … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village

  To raise a kid. .. Is that so?  Slowpoke was mad at me last night coz I was late picking her up.  My fault.  So, when she got to SAndy’s house this morning, it’s clearly I-dont-want-to-be here attitude.  Simon played … Continue reading

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Chinese love a great education

Beijing turns to ‘education’ to avoid bubble By Jamil Anderlini in Hong Kong Published: May 25 2007 03:00 | Last updated: May 25 2007 03:00 The Chinese government yesterday made a fresh attempt to reduce the dangers of a stock … Continue reading

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