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Going East, the first step

It’s agreed that YH, the largest brokerage house in China will host Woodie‘s first seminar.  They have branch offices around country, so Woodie can pick his locale and date/time.  Has to be after hours (9:30-11:30am n 1-3pm) or on Saturday/Sunday, … Continue reading

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Top colleges show record rejection rate

FT …’Harvard admitted a meagre 9 per cent of its record 22,955 applications this year – its lowest acceptance rate ever.’…. ‘A year at Harvard costs close to $46,000, while the average tuition at four-year public colleges and universities is … Continue reading

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10 more .. dentists ..

continuation from the previous post Dr. Rosenberg (or something like that) is an oral surgeon who specializes in implant. He has a mild manner, 3 floors higher than Caravana’s. He likes to explain his trade from A to Z. After … Continue reading

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Tina Z gave me a free trial certificate from her yoga place.  I had options of going for a week or getting an hour of private session.  I opted for the 1 hr.  The yoga place is a chain – this location … Continue reading

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