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U.S. homework outsourced as ‘e-tutoring’ grows

U.S. homework outsourced as ‘e-tutoring’ grows 09/28/06 01:46 PM, EDT Private tutors are a luxury many American families cannot afford, costing anywhere between $25 to $100 an hour. But California mother Denise Robison found one online for $2.50 an hour … Continue reading

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Who has it worse?

Is the Chinese or Irish for having the worst teeth? I just watched Gong Li’s movie, Shanghai Triad. She’s tall, detached, pretty but just wish that she smiles less … same goes with Zhang Ziyi. They should get a brace. … Continue reading

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The victor writes the history

Had dinner with a group of tennis buddies (few are from Taiwan and few from China) last night and the conversation veered off to Lin Biao, whom Stalin considered one of the most brilliant generals. Even the waiter couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Ok, I’m not Asian

Pumpkin just called. “Mom, I’ll be home a little late … ” Ok .. “Ooh, by the way, Mom, I got 35.” Pause. ” .. out of 100 on my math test.” Wwwwhat? Okkay, I am cool, didn’t scream nor … Continue reading

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The $700 Used Book .. 十年幸福

BusinessWeek reported back in Aug 7, that Seth Klarman’s Margin of Safety, published in 1991 commands $700, a best deal from (another seller offers $2,500). This has brought up my bookish moment, and it cost me only $20: When … Continue reading

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