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Chris Evert’s open letter to Serena

Chris Evert’s open letter to Serena in the May issue of Tennis Magazine: Dear Serena, I’ve been thinking about your career, and something is troubling me. I appreciate that becoming a well-rounded person is important to you, as you’ve made … Continue reading

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The sound of music

Ok, pull me down if I sounded bit ecstatic or overjoyed, but my kids finally take to tennis! And they genuinely enjoy it, that’s the part I love the most. I’ve been waiting for this day since the day they … Continue reading

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The cat’s cradle

One night after bath, my rambunctious seven years old daughter jumped next to me and invited me to play cat’s cradle with her. “Cool, honey. I played this when I was little.” I was bewildered to find some thing from … Continue reading

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