Chinese New Year @ Lincoln Center

The Butterfly Lovers 梁祝小提琴协奏曲, violin concerto is one of three Chinese music I really like. Picture two dancing butterflies in the air, which I often see in my backyard, from their budding love to maddly in love to death did them apart … and they reunited for ever as butterfly. Very romantic.

Chinese artists or music always draw large Chinese crowds. So there were noises. The noise of phone ringing. The noise of talking. The noise of candy wrapper. The noise of coughing (non stop). Oh my. The last time we went to Carnegie Hall for Li Yundi yearsago, it’s the same. You just couldn’t really enjoy. I went because I wanted to listen a good quality orchstra – The New York Philharmonic – playing my fave music.

Before the concert, the little Korean with broken English, the Secretary General of United Nations gave a speech. Trying hard to be fun but failed. He said, that the Chinese and Korean New Year … which annoyed me. I know the Koreans are trying to claim the lunar new year as their own invention. Come on, people. Yuan Shikai who passed away in (16 September 1859 – 6 June 1916) 1916 had managed the little K when it’s one of the tributary state to China. Gosh. Invent something of your own. Mr. Ban Ki-moon also asked for patience and support for the UN: monkeys do fall off the tree because everyone makes mistake … so does UN. Give me break. Take your propaganda elsewhere.

It’s my first time to Maxim Vengerov’s concert. No comment.

The last piece on the menu was Nu Shu, composed by Tan Dun. Weird, not my cup of tea at all. I left.

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Can a cooking wine get mold?

I got these two bottles of Nuerhong (女儿红; Gold Plum 金梅) cooking wine for free: they’re promotional add-on when I purchased something a while ago. Didn’t remember that I’ve one bottle opened, so I opened the second one. There, I saw white frosting at the top. Is it mold? I checked the other bottle, less than half used, also has spotty white on the surface. My goodness. This is a cooking wine.

image image

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The principal dancers at ABT

Misty Copeland is one of the American Ballet Theatre’s principal dancers but probably the best known as of lately.

2016-02-02 (2) 2016-02-02 (1)

Copeland’s been with the company since 2000, got promoted to the principal dance role only last year.

Maria Kochetkova who’s born in Moscow, joined the San Francisco Ballet as a Principal Dancer in 2007 and ABT in 2015, of course as a principal dancer.

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In the Shadow of Women

image林肯中心在放 🇫🇷片 In the Shadow of Women. 八成俺吃🍔 或者 米 太多,不喜欢. 老公有外遇 (来的那么容易?!)老婆也有. 故事在哪里? 小情人说 男一号 (老公)无法拒绝她的酮体 😂 俺一边看一边在想:开玩笑吧?🇫🇷男人怎么这么没品味?[Chuckle]. 🇫🇷人谈外遇 是不是有点滑稽?以前常去一个小电影聚会,真心不比这个差.

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A Few Good helpers

We’ve the first big snow storm, starting Friday night and onto Saturday. Sunday, was a blue sky day. The snow removers rushed out to remove the white powder. Many of them are immigrants from Mexico. They knock on the doors with shovel in hands. Probably the same group of people who mow our lawns in the summer.

IMG_1033 IMG_1061 IMG_1062 IMG_1063

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A painted house

It’s pretty cold out there and the workers are painstakingly paint the house.


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Seafood and more food

The parking at Skyview is easy. I begin to shop at bean curds at Skyview‘s Sky Foods 昌发超市.  On a rush I forgot to buy bean curds.

image image image image


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Hot pot beef @ Chinese grocery store

New York Mart in Little Neck: my complain worked, the meat is much nicer now.

image image image

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Such a waste

I enjoy Ghirardelli chocolate very much however, every time I receive a basket, I feel a little cheated: a giant gift boat contain very few pieces. Look at the boxes after boxes. Think the paper wasted.


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Surprise! I thought I broke all but today I fished out one last piece of the set. The plate looks better with or without the fruits? A shake, papaya with blue berry.

IMG_2122 IMG_2123 IMG_2121

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A lovely chair

image image image image

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The Christmas cactus flowering again


image image image imageIMG_9196 2015-11-30 image image

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A red candle

imageAnd a red plate, unintentional. And then I read this poem, by Arrianna Prentiss

Blood Red Candle

A silent flame inside,
burns my soul and fights my pride.
Weakness swarms within my veins,
behind my eyes you’ll see the flames.
A dreaded fire melts me down,
the wax streams off my blood red gown,
and when I tumble to the ground,
on cold white skin, my red lips frown.

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China Mirage

By James Bradley. This is a great book – page turner.

  • US was also an opium seller to China – oh, how the blue blood families made their fortune
  • The missionaries – how their conversion rate was a washout, yet ..
  • The 3 Soong sisters and their husbands
  • The little old dirty man was the founding father of ..
  • Why the Pearl Harbor attach was Americans own doing
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An old bag

imageThis picture is from I knew the term old bag but never fully understand it … till today.

An lady spits in the pool … and I ran into her in the locker room when she wasn’t covered – a fair game now. The image was funny: there were bags under the eyelids, eyes, cheeks, neck, boobs, arms, waist, belly, behind, thighs … oh man, how many bags could one carry? Pls don’t ask me how many bags do I carry -:)

今天天气,半☁️ 半[太阳],不过过得挺好:学习了(一块钱),醒悟了: 突然明白了 old bag () 的意思. 一讨厌女在游泳池吐痰… 在更衣室也不遮掩 – sorry you’re fair game now 那形象滑稽. 从头顶开始数 – 眼皮袋,眼袋,脸蛋袋,下巴袋,脖子袋,boobs 袋,腰袋,肚子袋,后边袋,大腿袋 … 妈妈咪,这么多袋子,所以有 old bag 之说 [偷笑] 别问,俺的袋子也差不多了 [大哭][偷笑][大哭][偷笑]

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Math wizards

No everyone Chinese is good at math. There are many articles and studies on Zhou Fu’s descendants, five generations strong, how they not only survived but prospered.

Moving. A big deal. Cool. Great.

But the problem I’ve is, we are seven generations strong. Not five. I wondered the writers are either bad at math or, worst, they copied one another. It doesn’t take a caculus major to count, does it?! I thought I’m bad at math. Boy, am I wrong.

Please open your eyes and look. Do a little research. The 6th generation is well on their way. Sorry, I said I’m bad At math, can’t count, so I count tell you how many great kids, the 6th generation, are out there, making this world a better place.

Btw, the 7th is well under way.

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Next door

ND is a relatively new social media, bonding the neighbors together, privately. Currently it has 81,000 neighborhoods.

I went to shopping at the supermarket Waldbum’s and surprised to find it’s closing. No one said a word in ND, tho.

image image image image

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My site is hacked

Hackers have found a new victim: me.

It’s some experience to open up your web page and seeing something totally unexpected, unfamiliar. Actually it’s a little scary.

Is this group really advocating for a cause or out there to make money, disrupt others?

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