Oct 16 2014

Traveling While Arab

Alaa Al Aswany encounters problem traveling because he’s an Arab.
My comment:

Maybe Mr Aswany should write a best seller demonstrate to the bad Muslims how the good Muslims are suffering for their deed?
His mentioning of Abu Ghraib prison, made me think back to the 9/11, many Americans, politicians or not, immediately rallying support/protection for the good Muslims in this country. Pardon me, please, there isn’t a comparison to be made. I wholeheartedly agree prejudice or discrimination have no place in our world. But, it is what it is. I got mistreated in Munich, a blonde waitress refused to serve us. Hopefully I can write a book about it … don’t give Germany a bad name.

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Oct 15 2014

Chanel No 5: The One That I Want

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Le Film du Film starring Gisele Bündchen and the Dutch Michael Huisman, production designer Catherine Martin, directed Baz Luhrmann (wife Catherine Martin since 1997). The location is Montauk and NYC.

Another reason I like Gisele is Eli Manning’s two Super Bowl rings were all gifts from her husband -:).

Here is Nicole Kidman’s tenure.

Screenshot 2014-10-15 12.09.28 Screenshot 2014-10-15 12.09.37 Kidman n #5


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Oct 14 2014

Just answer my question, please

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Snapfish binds the photo books for you, among other services. I wondered what would happened to my books should they going out of business. First time, the agent just quit, gone. The second agent did not answer the first time, then answered, but not pertaining to my question. When I pressed again, the agent said they wont go out of business.

I won’t use them not only because of this but they also require anyone who wants to view my book has to be a registered user. Pain.

Screenshot 2014-10-09 19.23.05 Screenshot 2014-10-09 19.36.30




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Oct 08 2014

How to unlock an AT & T iPhone, step by step

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  1. send in your request to USA users here
  2. click agree at the page end
  3. fill the form: you need IMEI 15 digit number (Settings/General/About)
  4. you’ll be given a 9-digit number assigned to this request
  5. getting an email from AT & T for approval: I found it in the spam folder

Once being approved, you need to back up your phone with either iCloud or iTunes. I used iTunes. Make sure you have download iTunes. (Going to iTunes.com won’t work.) If you’ve an icon on your desktop, you’ve downloaded, click on it.

  1. click iTunes icon from your desktop
  2. backed up:
  3. restore:


Some troubles one may face:

  • I don’t think you can find the IMEI number on your att account – if you’ve multiple lines in your account and the users are not with you.

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Oct 02 2014


imageUnkronen, by Laura Hillenbrand (who’s re-writing this book for kids)

A wonderful subject, and a book. USA doesn’t really teach asian history, so the pacific war isn’t well known.

How could humans do such thing to other humans? I dispose them!

I’m impressed with her notes (paperback): more than 12% of the book:

406 pages of the book
8 pages of Acknowledgements, 409-416
51 Pages of Notes, 417-467
15 pages of Index, 469-483



I read on the German scientists who worked in the USA immediately after WWII.

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Sep 27 2014

紧急变得简单轻松: 在美国看急诊

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大颈的英超护理急诊 PremierCare(CityMD)简单,高效,非常愉快。我从来没有去过比这更贴心的医疗办公室。

我昨晚扭伤了左脚踝,一个中医转介我去那里看。美国的医生/医院周末只有急诊,至少3-4 小时的等待。这个诊所位于一处不起眼的办公楼,我几乎天天经过但是还从来没有注意到他们。当我一蹦一跳的跳进他们的诊所,我立刻喜欢上了它:整洁,干净,没有废话。该办事处经理/管理员告诉我呆在那里,她很快就把轮椅推出来。


市内(曼哈顿)医生的办公室比较好,其中有些确实是在公园大道上。是的,他们好多牛到不接受医疗保险。总归来说,医生的办公室冷冰冰,效率低下和管理不善, 身处其境病上加病。

在这个办公室工作人员都热情风度翩翩。他们炫耀真诚的微笑。我们等待时间很短,不超过30分钟。治疗室内没有桌子,而是一个电脑支架。护士和医生直接输入我的资料,避免了医疗录制过程中的错误也减少费用。我问护士他们看不看普通病人,她说,他们主要是看急诊但不拒绝普通病人因为很多人看过急诊后,有什么头疼脑热照来不误。在美国,预约医生犹如登月球, 少则几日多则把月。我常常奇怪这个医生真的这么忙?


铸石膏:他们用的是新潮的软石膏。从一卷里拉出需要的, 切断;渗下自来水,裹到我的脚踝。医生问我是否觉得转暖,我真的不觉得,(或者只是轻微?)。当我回去那个中医,他对此赞不绝口:这是最好的。





update: they called today (Oct 2) to check on me. Thank you!

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Sep 27 2014

Emergency for dummies

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PremierCare (under CityMD) in Great Neck made emergency simple, efficient, and very much enjoyable. I have never been to a more welcoming medical office than this one.

I sprained my left ankle last night, and was being referred to them by a doctor. They located in an inconspicuous office building that I pass through almost daily yet never noticed them. As soon as I hopped in, I immediately took a liking to it: neat, clean, no nonsense.  The office manager/administrator told me to stay there and wait for a wheelchair.

I am healthy and visit doctor mostly, twice a year, OBGY and primary physician for the annual check ups, just to get my bill of health rubber stamped.  During my years in the USA, I remembered only two emergency room visits. One for my daughter’s strep throat and one for my eye being hit by a tennis ball. Both accidents were on weekends. The flaming throat was four hours long wait and the two intern doctors failed to detect strap throat. The eye wasn’t any shorter, and the female receptionist/physician assistant was rude and ridiculous as to ask me how many times a week did I have sex. What sex had to do with my eye being hit? A few doctors’ office in the city (Manhattan) were better but most of them do not take any medical insurance. Some of them are indeed on Park Avenue. Yes they’re that good. All in all, on average I would rate the doctors’ office cold, inefficient and poorly presented/decorated.

The staff in this office are warm and personable. They sport genuine smile. The wait time was short, in less than 30 minutes. The treatment room has no desk but a computer stand. The nurse and doctor enter my date into their system directly, avoid the medical transcribe process (I could image, less mistakes and less expenses). I asked the nurse if they play the primary role because I would like to use them. She said they’re primarily cater to emergency but they do have repeaters who come for regular visit. I would join them too. I think my dr is new at it so a guy stood behind her, provided hints as what to do with the software.

IMG_3772 IMG_3771 IMG_3777 IMG_3775

The equipment are modern, as far as I can see/understand vs many offices use the aged ones, as if prior my birth. The receding ceiling light at the x ray room were covered by pink and yellow cherry blossoms screen, vividly pretty and smoothing especially when the room is darkened – they have patient in mind when designing it.

The soft-cast is great: cutting off from the roll, wet it from the sink and place on my ankle. The doctor asked me if I felt it turning warm, I did not really, or maybe only slightly. My went to visit the doctor who referred me there who marveled at the cast, saying it’s the best (no mess ..).

Sensibility: as usual I joked without thinking, saying my sprained ankle was a domestic violence.  After the treatment room, I was wheeled into the x ray room and surprised to see the doctor was waiting for me there. It’s the technician’s job and doctor is never presented nor needed. She singled the tech to leave us alone and asked if I was pushed down the stairs. I had to laugh but at the same time, bit my tongue for my stupidity (My husband was at the treatment room).  Before we left, the administrator found an opportunity to push me and said very discreetly that she had to ask the question, since I brought up the subject.

Dumb dumb me.

If they’re publically traded company, I’d but it because they’re doing it right.

We paid $25 (for the crutch) and left. They’ll have to deal with my insurance and settle the bill, and get back to me for balance.

On Yelp and 中文.

update: they called today (Oct 2) to check on me. Thank you!

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Sep 26 2014

Chestnut tree 板栗是怎么生成的

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Love chestnut but didn’t know how it grow.
IMG_3612 IMG_3611 IMG_3614 IMG_3626

.. and the berries?

IMG_3636 IMG_3638 IMG_3639IMG_3631

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Sep 25 2014

Luo Zilin

Reading Aman Resorts on the Fortune magazine, one of the warring partners-turn-enemy has a Chinese girl friend. Out of curiosity, I googled her.

Screening of Warner Independent Pictures' "Darfur Now" - ArrivalsHell broke out: according to this Mail article published on June 3, 2013, Luo was fired due to ‘unprofessional conduct’, by her boy friend’s ex, Naomi Campbell who was mentoring Luo who’s Miss China 2011, is from Shanghai and 6′ tall. Apparently Vlad is separated from his wife (on good term) but not divorced.

She (Luo) wrote: ‘No, I’m not dating Vlad, No, I’m not his ‘side chick’, no, didn’t f**k, No, I’m not an escort, nor have I ever been.’


What is a nice Chinese girl doing, running around with her teacher’s ex lover who’s married?


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Sep 25 2014

非诚勿扰 You Are the One

Watching this Chinese dating show, I’m surprised at one of the facts: an overwhelming percentage (for the few shows I saw, it’s 100%!) of women want to be taken care of by the men and control of their future family finance because that way they’ll feel securer.

What’s going on here?

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Sep 25 2014

Two Indian businessmen

Recently the Fortune magazine profiled two businessmen who shared many similarities: they are all Indian-Americans, from humbled background, have shady business dealings in the past, dress well and with questionable business practice. Anshoo Sethi is indicted over EB-5 visa-for-sale program and Omar Amanat is a global battle for the ultimate luxury hotel chain.
ebf11_13-merged Screening of Warner Independent Pictures' "Darfur Now" - Arrivals
Anshoo Sethi (in white with his dad) and Omar Amanat with his wife (now separated)
The visa scandal has nearly 300 eager Chinese investors who paid a total of $147 million for the $913 million development near the Chicago O’Hare airport.

Omar Amanat got into the deal but didn’t seem to have the money.



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Sep 25 2014

The first ladies of Asia

Mrs.Akie Abe (a tongue twister?) made an appearance on Fortune discusing “womenomics” and “in 2012, she took a stab at charting her own life by opening a small organic izakaya pub in Tokyo, her appalled mother-in-law demanded that she stay off the premises.” She is stylish and real.

Akei Abe Park Geun-hye peng-liyuan-sina-weibo
Akie Abe, Park Geun-hye and Peng Liyuan
Mrs. Xi of China is enjoying a high profile around the world. I’m very happy to finally ‘meet’ the first lady of China – the first first lady that we know. Imaginable the loggerheads and blogsphere in China are blogging enthusiastically about her. However its disappointing to report, all the blogs I saw were about her fashion, or her love with her husband and, or being compared with Ms. Park Geun-hye, the president of South Korea.

All three ladies are good looking. Mrs. Xi looks a little bit pudgy, could lose a pound or two- which reminds me of Tipper Gore, the former Second Lady who devoted, like three hours daily to exercise, trying to slim down. I’ve heard whisper that Mr. Xi had affairs and she toughed out. The silliest of all is the comparison to Ms. Park who is the head of the state while Mrs. Xi married a head of state.

In any case, I’m glad Mrs Xi is in the limelight, a first for the first ladies of China who always hid in the dark.


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Sep 23 2014

NHK World

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My husband is constantly asking me, where is China’s NHK World – the international broadcasting service of NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai – Japan Broadcasting Corporation)? I think he isn’t alone. I don’t watch TV much and never looked for a Chinese channel. He, on the other hand, looked. What he found, is Chinese channels with Chinese subtitles. He wondered where is the English subtitle?

Inspires interest in your country.

He would watch the NHK World and learns a thing or two about Japan. Like it or not, he would rather visit Japan than China at this point. Growing up in USA, Asian history takes a small part, on the back burner. He wonders why China doesn’t promote itself the way Japan does?

Tonight, among other things, is Wasabi + vodka cocktail in a restaurant. A jazz club in Tokyo with a cover charge of ¥2,000 (about US$19), and of course, Obama’s address of bombing ISIS in Syria on its Newsline. The news around the world but centered on Japan, of course.

From time to time, the cable company (Verizon or CableVision) offers subscription to Chinese channel. I never watched so I don’t know if it offers some channels in English.

中国的 NHK环球 在哪里?

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Sep 18 2014

From Wenxue City to WeChat

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Yohooo, happy (and surprised) to find this 文学城 blog has a link to post on to Weixin 微信 – only available on my laptop tho. But how? Help please!
Screenshot 2014-09-18 14.20.52 Screenshot 2014-09-18 14.20.41

I’m getting this when I tried to download to my laptop from WeChat.com

Screenshot 2014-09-18 15.36.31

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Sep 17 2014

iOS 8 update needs 20 hours?

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Screenshot 2014-09-17 19.34.44I connected my iPhone to iTunes and it automatically asked me if I’d like to update.
YES, I clicked.
Then the status on the top is showing ..

Downloading I item
iPhone Software Update ( 14 hours remaining .. )

Eventually settled on 17 hours remaining.

OMG, is this true? On my iPad it’s 20 hours!

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Sep 16 2014

Anhui: “国保”振风塔大修

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Anhui News:

6月 30日,国家级文物保护单位安庆振风塔正在进行大修。
振风塔被誉为“万里长江第一塔”,是七层八角楼阁式的建筑,始建于明代隆庆四年(公 元 1570年),距今已有400多年的历史。据悉,此次振风塔的维修以恢复原貌为重点,凸显历史原貌,彰显明代建筑特色。吴均奇摄


image image


image image image image image


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Sep 14 2014

Add 5% to your parking ticket

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imageInternet and technology have been making our life easier by the day and I’m really embracing it, anyway I possibly can.

Paying for parking tickets, I have thought that it’s a no brainer that the government would surely use the net to streamline.

They do, and for a fee.

If I remembered it right, a few years ago it’s less than $2. This month I found it stands at 5% or $4.46 for a $90 ticket.

When I write a check to snail mail it in, someone at that end, would have to open my envelope, register and post my check and ultimately deposited the check into government’s coffer/bank.
I wondered if the union has anything to do with it, like guarantee union members’ jobs. But now seeing the fee more than doubles, maybe it has to do with the company that profits on the slow moving government?

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Sep 14 2014

Why to print?

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imageFriedrich was running a promotion when I purchased one. The salesman was so kind as to write the barcode label for me on the rebate information sheet. Upon registered online, I was informed that I’ve to print it and snail mail it in.

2. Print the confirmation page and mail it with a copy of your sales receipt to the address shown ..

PC Richard is an authorized dealer and I am sure (I hope at the point) that they’ve a way to trace a unique number on my sales receipt to avoid physically photocopying it and mailing it.

Bewildered, I consulted the info sheet given by the store:

$30 manufacturer rebate if you submit your entry online, or a $25 rebate if you mail in your entry.

Now I’m totally confused: how much would I be getting, $30 or $25? Thinking clearly according to Friedrich’s math, registering online earns me that extra $5. Big deal.

There are true revolutionary companies that better our lives and there are the rest, like this one.


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