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  Congratulations! Weekend 1: We left home at 9:30 – managed a game before departing (no game next week) and made to Buffalo at 5:30.    First thing first: a hair cut. It’s more than hilarious. It’s late on a Saturday = … Continue reading

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Gold Coast arts center

imageThis building is or was an art center where my kids went for some classes, such as drawing, acting, etc. It’s under the same roof as a movie theater. One of the screens in the movie house has access to the parking lot in the back – where the front entrance to the art center.  The art center was formed by Regina Gil. Newsday reported in 2013 that “the Great Neck Arts Center officially becomes the Gold Coast Arts Center — a rebranding to reflect a larger regional focus, and quite an evolution since the arts program was conceived on a kitchen table by founder and executive director Regina Gil in 1986. Now offering a film festival and a full palette of arts programs, lectures, classes and outreach programs from Queens to Freeport,… Talking about drive and desire.

I attended a few Gold Coast Film Festival’s events in its 2nd year (2012), met Bill Plympton, the cartoonist and listened on making of an Indie file: A to Z.

On a far smaller scale, the DCCFF is into its third time since its creation in 2011. All good.


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A few red leaves on the deck

IMG_8202 R  IMG_8202

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Chow Chung-cheng on Wiki

2016-04-18 (2)This is her page on German Wikipedia. At the end, my blog is being linked.

This, made me nervous.

Not that I’m not sincere but I write blog for fun. And anything goes on there. But now, I’ll have to watch/weight/debate what I write? Oh lord, it’s a pressure. Given the respect I have to Wikipedia. No joking.

file 27313

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My lovly orchid is flowering again. The second time. Is the stem sweating

IMG_1045 IMG_1047 IMG_1056 IMG_1055 good

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Christmas cactus in Spring

As its name indicates, it flowers always during the xmas time since 2013 but when I returned from the month long trip, I see them flowering (03.26) again!

IMG_1066 300 IMG_1062 IMG_1063 IMG_1064

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Does David Beckham …

IMG_0472.. really associate with this Shandong 山东 company, Luneng 鲁能 Group? According to this red banner over a Jinan 济南 street, he’s the strategic partner and ambassador of Luneng Group.

This Forbes article claims that Michael Jordan, still is the king: Michael Jordan Will Make More Money Than Any Athlete This Year. You go Mike!

Other ads in China

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Benefactor Shiraz

South Eastern Australia, 2014, $5.99. They’ve changed their label. I much prefer the old pirates.

image image

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My experience on Taobao

600A9A67-2A28-42D9-81DB-F5CB78143D3EI needed a party favor for an event with my own logo. Preferably a cup 杯子, as it sounds bei in Chinese, which rhymes with eternity 辈.

The search for a cup on Taobao wasn’t easy due to wide range of selections. With the help of a cousin whom I have yet to meet, we narrowed down to this one, and even ordered a sample (red on the left – yes, there’s a typo.). It looks cute. The packaging is stylish. The price is affordable @ ¥5.80, less than a dollar (about $.90).

Contacting the vendor was a chord since I needed to download a app, which I tried but unsuccessful. My cousin did it for me. The logo design was ¥50 or free if I did it myself, which I insisted. The print was ¥50, regardless of quantity.

When we were ready to place the order, it’s approaching the Chinese New Year holiday. All the factories shut down for a week or two in China. My event was on March 8. I felt the vendor could have taken my order and ship after the long holiday. But they didn’t.

It’s another flurry of WeChat talks. Finally, finally, they took our order.

Next, the logo design. First, there was a long silence. The reason for that was the designer went home and there wasn’t wifi. Understood. When they resurfaced, for reason unclear, they had to redo what I did – such as font. And in the process, they misspell Shanghai – yes, thank lord I caught it.

D11B8EB7-BECF-4692-86A0-3FFAD42D0A11 (1)When design was finalized, it’s time to choose colors. On their web site, they shown six colors and indicated that customers can’t pick the colors – the cups come in 60 in a package. We asked, can we get all the colors? They said yes, of course.

Then, another long silence. My cousin had to contact them twice a day to see how they progressing. When the cups finally arrived, the size was wrong – the red color was the sample we ordered in the beginning. The belly on the large size seems to be bigger, which makes the cup looks cuddly. And the colors? Only three and none of them were in the display (six cups picture).

imageWell, well, well.

My cousin left a unsatisfactory comment. The vendor contacted me three times, asking us to take it down.

Yes, they refunded me the difference but the smaller size looks rather shabby and I don’t like these
3 colors they chose to send.

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An art work

This colored glass eagle is liuli 琉璃 man-made crystal by Xia shi. It’s a limited edition of 3200 (pretty large quantity!). Mine is : 902.

image image

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This skin care is doing promotin at Taipei 101. The young kid is trying to sell me the 50 pouch box (BM300; 胶原蛋白保湿眼膜, NT$6000), at 40% discount  NT$113600/US$111) getting the roller for free (LBE01010, 精华笔 NT$2200). The exchange rate is about 31. They don’t seem to have an agent or retailer in the USA.

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$10,000 cocktail, and a monkey

main-37183efb2891b2a2d8ef795c7d337ab71038a61c-s400-c85Still remember the ten thousand dollar martini at the Algonquin Hotel some ten years ago? (NPR’s pic to the right –>>)

First, I never thought Algonquin could do such thing.

Second, I also thought, what a desperate move to gain attention. If they mounted the diamond on the straw, probably would make this outlandish drink more palpable or appetizing.

Now, Tiffany came out with a very classic design. It’s gorgeous and vivid. You don’t have to break your piggy bank to buy it – only US$350. By the way this is the year of monkey in China.

0 monkey-straw-14560963_934004_ED

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Call back

When calling a business, many of them nowadays use the call back feature to spare the customers the pain to listen to the music, often with stats. Two companies I called recently are T Mobile, a cell phone carrier and Intuit, tax preparer. T Mobile uses this feature a few years ago and the customer has to enter the phone number. At that time, I wondered, “come on, you’re the phone company and you can’t tell my phone #?” Intuit offers your phone number then asks if this is the phone you’d like to be call back on. I thought the later tries harder. Well, Intuit isn’t an utility company, they’ve to compete for their share of business.

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A little too late

We’re having a family gathering last Saturday, and I called up a cousin whom I couldn’t reach for the dinner. A woman picked it up after mere two rings.

image“Hi, may I speak to Sven?” I asked.
“Who’s calling?” She asked.
“This is Irene, his cousin. We have never met but spoke some ten years ago. We’re now having a gathering, thought to try him one more time.”
“He passed away this morning.”

… …

When we spoke, at length, I did suggest to meet but he was noncommittal. I didn’t press. Recently when we decided to have a family gathering, I called him a couple of times. Their answering machine’s message is generic, I don’t know if its still theirs so I didn’t leave a message.

Here is his obituary on today’s NYT according to his account.

file 39736

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Chinese New Year @ Lincoln Center

The Butterfly Lovers 梁祝小提琴协奏曲, violin concerto is one of three Chinese music I really like. Picture two dancing butterflies in the air, which I often see in my backyard, from their budding love to maddly in love to death did them apart … and they reunited for ever as butterfly. Very romantic.

Chinese artists or music always draw large Chinese crowds. So there were noises. The noise of phone ringing. The noise of talking. The noise of candy wrapper. The noise of coughing (non stop). Oh my. The last time we went to Carnegie Hall for Li Yundi yearsago, it’s the same. You just couldn’t really enjoy. I went because I wanted to listen a good quality orchstra – The New York Philharmonic – playing my fave music.

Before the concert, the little Korean with broken English, the Secretary General of United Nations gave a speech. Trying hard to be fun but failed. He said, that the Chinese and Korean New Year … which annoyed me. I know the Koreans are trying to claim the lunar new year as their own invention. Come on, people. Yuan Shikai who passed away in (16 September 1859 – 6 June 1916) 1916 had managed the little K when it’s one of the tributary state to China. Gosh. Invent something of your own. Mr. Ban Ki-moon also asked for patience and support for the UN: monkeys do fall off the tree because everyone makes mistake … so does UN. Give me break. Take your propaganda elsewhere.

It’s my first time to Maxim Vengerov’s concert. No comment.

The last piece on the menu was Nu Shu, composed by Tan Dun. Weird, not my cup of tea at all. I left.

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Can a cooking wine get mold?

I got these two bottles of Nuerhong (女儿红; Gold Plum 金梅) cooking wine for free: they’re promotional add-on when I purchased something a while ago. Didn’t remember that I’ve one bottle opened, so I opened the second one. There, I saw white frosting at the top. Is it mold? I checked the other bottle, less than half used, also has spotty white on the surface. My goodness. This is a cooking wine.

image image

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The principal dancers at ABT

Misty Copeland is one of the American Ballet Theatre’s principal dancers but probably the best known as of lately.

2016-02-02 (2) 2016-02-02 (1)

Copeland’s been with the company since 2000, got promoted to the principal dance role only last year.

Maria Kochetkova who’s born in Moscow, joined the San Francisco Ballet as a Principal Dancer in 2007 and ABT in 2015, of course as a principal dancer.

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In the Shadow of Women

image林肯中心在放 🇫🇷片 In the Shadow of Women. 八成俺吃🍔 或者 米 太多,不喜欢. 老公有外遇 (来的那么容易?!)老婆也有. 故事在哪里? 小情人说 男一号 (老公)无法拒绝她的酮体 😂 俺一边看一边在想:开玩笑吧?🇫🇷男人怎么这么没品味?[Chuckle]. 🇫🇷人谈外遇 是不是有点滑稽?以前常去一个小电影聚会,真心不比这个差.

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