A lovely chair

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The Christmas cactus flowering again


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A red candle

imageAnd a red plate, unintentional. And then I read this poem, by Arrianna Prentiss

Blood Red Candle

A silent flame inside,
burns my soul and fights my pride.
Weakness swarms within my veins,
behind my eyes you’ll see the flames.
A dreaded fire melts me down,
the wax streams off my blood red gown,
and when I tumble to the ground,
on cold white skin, my red lips frown.

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An old bag

imageThis picture is from thefreedictionary.com. I knew the term old bag but never fully understand it … till today.

An lady spits in the pool … and I ran into her in the locker room when she wasn’t covered – a fair game now. The image was funny: there were bags under the eyelids, eyes, cheeks, neck, boobs, arms, waist, belly, behind, thighs … oh man, how many bags could one carry? Pls don’t ask me how many bags do I carry -:)

今天天气,半☁️ 半[太阳],不过过得挺好:学习了(一块钱),醒悟了: 突然明白了 old bag () 的意思. 一讨厌女在游泳池吐痰… 在更衣室也不遮掩 – sorry you’re fair game now 那形象滑稽. 从头顶开始数 – 眼皮袋,眼袋,脸蛋袋,下巴袋,脖子袋,boobs 袋,腰袋,肚子袋,后边袋,大腿袋 … 妈妈咪,这么多袋子,所以有 old bag 之说 [偷笑] 别问,俺的袋子也差不多了 [大哭][偷笑][大哭][偷笑]

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Next door

ND is a relatively new social media, bonding the neighbors together, privately. Currently it has 81,000 neighborhoods.

I went to shopping at the supermarket Waldbum’s and surprised to find it’s closing. No one said a word in ND, tho.

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My site is hacked

Hackers have found a new victim: me.

It’s some experience to open up your web page and seeing something totally unexpected, unfamiliar. Actually it’s a little scary.

Is this group really advocating for a cause or out there to make money, disrupt others?

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Bean curds

image image image image image image 

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Alto Las Pizarras Grenache 2005

imageIt’s 93 points on Wired for Wine ($18.97). 10 years in, it’s sediment or precipitation. I couldn’t taste the difference: don’t remember the last time I drank it. It tastes just fine, to me.

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A Child Hunted Down by the Chinese State

By Zhao Sile, published: October 12, 2015

“It’s hard to find a word better than ‘terrorism’ to describe the evil way that systematic violence is being used to turn a juvenile into a hostage.”

Bao Zhuoxuan (包卓轩), who goes by the nickname Mengmeng (包蒙蒙), is a 16-year-old who wants to study law when he gets older. They say he’s tall for his age, but he still has a boyish face and is a bit of a “mama’s boy.” In the eyes of the Chinese state, however, he’s known simply as “hostage.”

Late on the night of July 8, 2015, Bao Mengmeng and his father, human rights activist Bao Longjun (包龙军), went to Beijing Capital Airport on their way to Australia, where Mengmeng was preparing to continue high school. His mother Wang Yu (王宇), a human rights lawyer, went to the airport to see the two of them off. That was the last time Mengmeng saw his mother.

Wang Yu was last in touch with Bao Longjun and Mengmeng just after 1 a.m. on July 9. At 4:17 a.m., Wang Yu sent a message to a friend saying that the electricity and Internet at her home had both been cut and that someone was attempting to pry her door open. That was the last time Wang Yu made contact with the outside world.

The sweeping arrests of lawyers formally began a day later. In all, 288 lawyers, legal assistants, and human rights defenders were brought in for police questioning, of whom more than 20 were charged with crimes like inciting subversion, endangering state security, or provoking a serious disturbance. None has been granted access to a lawyer, and their whereabouts still remain unknown. Before they’ve even been tried by a court, several state media outlets began publishing accounts describing them as criminals. This is what the world has come to refer to as the “July 9 Mass Detention of Lawyers.”

After two days in custody, Bao Mengmeng was sent to Inner Mongolia to live with his maternal grandmother. His passport was confiscated, and police announced four things he was prohibited from doing: hiring a lawyer, contacting the foreign media, making contact with people trying to help his parents, and going to study overseas. Bao Mengmeng later said in an interview with Hong Kong media: “I’m suffering, but I’m not afraid.”

On October 9, as Wang Yu and Bao Longjun marked their 100th day in detention, news emerged that Bao Mengmeng had disappeared in Burma. The Hong Kong-based China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group said that Mengmeng and his traveling companions, human rights activists Tang Zhishun (唐志顺) and Xing Qingxian (幸清贤), were all taken away from Room 8348 of the Huadu Hotel in the Burmese city of Mong La on October 6. The owner of the hotel said that around a dozen people came to the hotel, showed their Burmese police identification, and searched the room before taking three people away. On October 7, friends and lawyers went to make inquiries at the local police station, where they were told that the police had not taken anyone into custody. Afterwards, they went to make inquiries with the local legal authorities, but there was still no news of the three. At 11 p.m. on October 8, police officers from the Chengdu Public Security Bureau carried out a search of Xing Qingxian’s Chengdu home in association with police from the Xing’an, Inner Mongolia, where Mengmeng’s grandmother lives. In the course of their search, police gave verbal notice that they had taken Bao Mengmeng into custody.

A person familiar with Bao Mengmeng’s situation said: “Bao Zhuoxuan could no longer endure the way that the secret domestic-security police used long-term and continual harassment, intimidation, and mind control (including towards family members). He took advantage of the extended National Day holiday to evade police control and wanted to go via Burma to continue his studies overseas. The loss of contact probably means that those who had been monitoring him became aware of his disappearance, and that means that he is most likely in the hands of the police in Ulanhot, Inner Mongolia.”

Bao Mengmeng is only a 16-year-old teenager. The only reason why he would become the target of this type of “cross-border arrest” is because he’s the son of political prisoners. As such, he can be locked up and used as a hostage to “negotiate” with Wang Yu and Bao Longjun. Outside China, he’s likely to become a focus of the international media. His existence is a lasting indictment of the Chinese human rights situation. It’s hard to find a word better than “terrorism” to describe the evil way that systematic violence is being used to turn a juvenile into a hostage. The Chinese and Burmese governments have come together to carry out this truly international act of terrorism.

Zhao SileZhao Sile (赵思乐) is a Guangzhou-based freelance writer and feminist journalist.

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LIRR bridge

Is coming ..

image image image image
file 32753

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Precipitation or sediment in red wine

It’s in the early 1980s, I took a wine tasting class from a Hong Kong Chinese sommelier or connoisseur. The only thing I took away from his class, was that there was one kind of French wine (I don’t recall the name or type of wine) that suppose to have precipitation or sediment. The fun is at the end, he claimed, to look for the precipitation on the bottom of the bottle. Precipitation is a sign of bad wine elsewhere.

image image image image

So, is this a fine wine gone bad, or a bad wine?

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The first hot pot of the season

Autumn is here, time for a hot pot. The highlight is the wine. Silver Oak is a handful few in Napa Sonoma wine region that uses American oak. French oak dominates. Culler who calls me the Birkenstock Cinderella had gave us a private tasting at Wolf family.

The Silver Oak 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon is wonderful.

image image image karen

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Nobel prize winner Ms. Too Youyou

image image

Not sure of the origin of this document, but it is very popular on WeChat at the moment, because of Ms. Too’s winning of 2015 medicine. The doc shows, in 1973, when Nobel laureate Dr. Chen-Ning Yang wanted to nominate a Chinese chemist for 1974 Nobel, China refused. The reason was the prize was issued by a capitalist country. Oh well.

Decades later, I read somewhere that China even sent a delegate to Stockholm to learn how to win one.

In any case, it’s a great joy to see a Chinese woman to win, during her life time. Congratulations!

The following writing is about why Ms. Too didn’t win earlier and how the Americans helped her to win Nobel. Again, I couldn’t vouch for this one either.

莫言和屠呦呦除外,中国人有没有人拿过诺贝尔奖?A:有,但他们都是外国国籍。(丁肇中,李远哲,朱棣文,崔琦,赛珍珠。)Q:有没有中国公民获得诺贝尔奖?A:有,但他们都是中华民国公民。(李政道,杨振宁。)Q:有没有新中国公民获得诺贝尔奖?A:有,但他不承认自己中国公民(高行健)Q:有没有承认自己是中国人的新中国公民拿奖?A:有,但我们不承认他是我国公民。(达赖)Q: 有没有承认自己是中国公民,国家也承认他是中国公民的获奖者?A:有。但在监狱里。(刘晓波)

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Million years old fish

Having seen the nautilus (wiki) at Monterey aquarium, it leads me to Coelacanth (wiki). This is the short account of the discovery of the fish, good read:

  • 1938.12.23, curator Marjorie Courtenay Latimer in Cape Town, South Africa found… Captain Hendrick Goosen
  • 1939.01.03, the curator heard back from J.L.B. Smith, a chemistry teacher
  • Captain Eric Hunt, a British heard a lecture of Smith and became fascinated – had a vessel and could travel
  • 1952.12.21, Hunt paid 100 pound … port of Mutsamudu on the Comorian island of Anjouan
  • French closed the island to non-french researchers till the island became independent in 1970s
  • 1956 Hunt died at sea – never seen again
  • 1956 Smith published
  • 1968, Smith suicide after long illness.
  • 1988, Captain Hendrick Goosen dies
  • 2004.05.17, Marjorie Courtenay Latimer dies at age of 97

Nautilus and Coelacanth. (照片都是维基百科的)上星期六在 Monterey 水族馆看到 1, 有着 500 million 年前的海洋软体动物,令俺想起 2 及 2 的发现:话说 1938年. 那时地球人以为2 早就绝种了. 12月23号,船长Goosen 拉了一船的🐟回来,其中一条就是 coelacanth. 他每次回来都会叫当地 Cape Town 南非 一个小鱼博物馆的 curator Marjorie Courtenay Latimer 来挑. 她一眼就👀到了与众不同的 coelacanth. 她查资料也没有结果,只好写信请教一个爱🐠的化学教授J.L.B. Smith. 教授在度假… 等他看到信后,他毫不迟疑确定是coelacanth. Holy moly 这个发现比活活捉个恐龙还🐂. 可惜 Latimer 终于收到 Smith 回信时,已经是1939 一月3号,🐠的内脏等都丢了… 垃圾箱里翻了又翻也是白搭.
这条 coelacanth 在世界上着实热了好久 … 很多人,包括 Smith 及船长 Hunt,出重赏给渔夫,希望再钓一条.
1952.12.21,如愿以偿. 第二次 coelacanth 又等上了世界舞台. 皆大欢喜.
这次是在一个法国属地. 怂包法国佬觉得他们应该得到点什么. 当没人理他们的岔,小气+胆小怕事的怂包禁止非法国研究人员去研究 coelacanth. 这个禁令持续到1970年左右,直到这个岛独立. (想美言怂包几句都难…)
四年后 (1956)Hunt 出海 就再没有回来
Smith 和太太出书… 久病之后自杀于1968
Courtenay Latimer 于 2004.05.17 过世,终年97岁

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How do you take care of your wine?

The picture to the right was taken in 2007 in Beijing. (I didn’t have the link to the source and couldn’t find it now, unfortunately.)

The chateau’s Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP Global, was being built, ahead of the Beijing summer Olympics. The cases upon cases in front of the chateau were expensive wine from St. Emilion, Bordeaux, France. They were dropped there by mistake. The much prized wine were tanning, which was, unthinkable to most.

I took the following pictures in the summer 2014 in Shanghai. The expensive French wine are being wrapped fully, to protect the labels.

Again, the content seems to matter not.
IMG_8646 IMG_8613

The following pictures are from our recent trip to Napa and Sonoma, California. The guys are carrying in their purchases to the next tasting, instead letting them sit in the car under the sun.

DSCN7871 image

China needs some time to really catch up.

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Trader Joe’s new wine

imageThe label, looks like somewhere in Vietnam (Saigon maybe?) attracts my attention. Looking closer, Grower’s Reserve Merlot, cost $4.99, cheaper than an carton of OJ – orange juice.

Taste? Not bad. It’s made with organic grapes.

Save water (or juice) and drink wine.

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Protected: delete – Zhou family tree

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Who burned down yuanmingyuan?


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