I got them from Trader Joe’s – shows how pro I’m -:). The tall one is an exotic orchid – how ‘exotic’ I don’t know but it certainly looks different.

image image

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A well acted and written movie, on Boston Globe reporting on 6% Roman Catholic priests molesting boys. The influence of the churches in Boston is very strong that they can make court documents disappear; they can tell the well regarded journalist that “… Marty Baron (his boss, the editor) will move away … (and you’ll remain here) … that Boston is a small world …”

2016-07-14In the end, Cardinal Law who knew the abusive priests but chose to ignore the problem, by assigning them to another church “resigned, and was eventually promoted to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, one of the biggest churches in the world.”

A few should be burned in hell.

Is there a justice in this world?  Yes and NO: 100 shades of grey.

Most wars … are because of different religions. I’m not judging, but stating a fact.

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A cardinal

A lovely red bird – cardinal (?) is resting in the backyard. Left is taken with t2i and right is with iPhone – the size of pictures is different?

IMG_3235 red bird t2i image iPhone bird

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A midsummer night

Fire, wine and laughs on a gorgeous night.

image image

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IMG Wimbledon blocked my video on Youtube

imageWhy is my video on youtube being blocked? – Copyright claim by IMG Wimbledon

The link to my video doesn’t work any more but judging from the title The Match Point, it must be a match I went to at Wimbledon in 2010, and took this video for a few minutes or less of a match when one player had the match point.

Does sport events could forbid a spectator from taking a video and post it on Youtube?

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Country of birth 出生国

IMG_2148Last Sunday Beijing Foreign Language University 北京外国语大学 held a seminar to commemorate centenary of one of my relatives, Mr. Zhou Jueliang 纪念周珏良先生百年诞辰研讨会. His daughter who’s also a professor made this post.

One of the attendees, is Isabel Crook who’s one year older than Mr. Zhou. At 101, she looks remarkably well. She’s accompanied by two of her three sons who were all born in China.

I’ve met Paul (in blue, above) in 2014 in Frankfurt and even earlier at one of BBC functions, which I only recalled recently. Automatically, we would say, Paul the English. In fact, his mom, Isabel is a Canadian. Should we consider Paul as a Chinese? The same goes with, a US born Chinese, in most people’s eyes, is still a Chinese.

Here is a fun: Walter H. Brattain (1902, Amoy, China – 1987, Seattle, USA) won a Nobel Prize in Physics 1956 while working in Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, USA. Wiki defined him as an American, because his parents were Americans. As of today, Nobel list by country, China has 11 laureates, includes Walter.

IMG_2103 IMG_2149 IMG_2147 IMG_2146

In EB-5 program, the applicant is handled by country of birth 出生国, instead of current nationality 国籍.

The world is becoming increasingly flat, where one was born seems less important. And each country may choose to define it differently: as in USA, no matter what, if you are born in this land, you’re an American and eligible to run for president. Although I was born in Beijing but I’m less certain what and who can be Chinese.

This wiki article explains “Chinese nationality is usually obtained either by birth when at least one parent is of Chinese nationality or by naturalization.”

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What do they see?

Looking at the map of China, each profession within the finances see differently.

  • 行研:  行业研究 Industry Research
  • 投行: 投资银行 Investment Banking (中国大陆称为券商)
  • 基金经理: Fund/Money Manager

IMG_2143 IMG_2144 IMG_2145

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imageI came home from a month-long trip and find my two orchids are about to flower again.

Re blooming during my absent should have taught me a lesson – to stay away from them. But, guess I never learnt. And as I’m fussing with this colorful one – try to get it to stand upright – I broke it -:( You could image how mad I was!

It has been resting in the small re-cycled jar since. And doing just fine. After I cut the dead flowers, the stem is crying – please stay away from me!

The unbroken one, thank lord, has 10 bulbs and I hope they would fully bloom, one by one. The #6 begins to bloom on Father’s Day, #8 on Sunday June 26; #9 on July 1st., and the #10 blossomed on July 4th.

image image 06-10 image image 06-17 image 06-19 on Fathers Day IMG_2152 #7 06-22 image 2016-06-26 #8 image image 07-04 #10 image all 10 on 07-04

I couldn’t get enough of orchids, apparently.

image 2016-06-09 IMG_2412 image #2 06-16 image # 2 n 4 06-19

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Blue bell Bella

imageThey are blue bell but the color is more purple? It’s been planted for a few years, only till now, they began to bloom, perhaps due to lack of sunshine.

The pictures are taken with an iPhone. Recently, a Chinese regulator/court faulted Apple for using Baili’s patent covering smartphone design. OMG, this is something new.

image image image image

Are they poison ivy?

image image image

  • 06.17, Bloomberg Apple IPhones Found to Have Violated Chinese Rival’s Patent
  • 06.17, wsj Apple’s Challenges in China Underlined by Patent Dispute
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A story of a hydrangea

imageIt all begins when the bush seed grew and bloom in the pot.

I haven’t really paid any attention to the plants … until today when the little thing in the pot blooming in pink and the big bush is blue. I happened to spot this pinkish pic I took in October 2014. Ok, the flowers may change color over the time but how to explain the pink flowers in the pot right now when the big brush is blue? In the picture on the right – my photograph skill is poor, but it’s really blue, almost New York sky blue.

IMG_5558 image


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Haier buys GE

It’s official on Monday June 6: for $5.6b, GE belongs to Haier. … and there isn’t a buzz. No major media coverage. Google haier GE today, no major media coverage. Reuters covered on Jan 15 and WSJ on March 3 (0 comment), and no antitrust issue. Even for the celebration of this big ticket item, it’s quiet. What will China buy next? White House or Pentagon? Not the content but the real estate. Both locations are excellent.

image image image

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The plant that opens in the sunlight

The leaves open and close …

IMG_6622 IMG_7259 2015-04-13 IMG_1819

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Two colors

The pink flower is from the blue hydrangea and they’re two steps away from each other.

IMG_2026 IMG_2024

… which reminds me of the “Meeting of the Waters”  where the Rio Negro meets the Rio Solimões to form the Amazon River proper in the Brazilian state of Amazonas. Due to differences in temperature, speed and density, the two rivers’ differently colored waters don’t mix immediately, but flow side by side for several miles. Photo and youtube of the river are from the Internet. The green leave below is from a hotel on 33rd Street by 9th Avenue, in New York I took on May 27, 2016.

maxresdefault IMG_0536

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World Stamp Show in New York

The biggies for the philatelists around the world, every decade. This time is in the Big Apple, from May 28 to June 4th at Jacob K. Javits. 2006 was in Washington DC and  2026 would be in Boston.

imageThis Curtiss JN-4 airplane was used in 1918 US ¢24 stamp. The image of the plane was upside-down, nicknamed Inverted Jenny, hence became valuable. Wiki put the number in existence at 100.

In 2005, a block of four Inverted Jenny exchanged for a single US ¢1 Z Grill: PIMCO skipper Bill Gross gave up his IJ for which he acquired only two weeks prior, for a record at $2,97m, for Sundman’s blue Z Grill for which Dan Sundman paid $935,000 in 1998. (ReuterGoogle News) The uneven exchange has completed Gross’ US stamp from the 19th century – a feat no museum has accomplished. There are only two Z Grill in the world and the other one is owned by New York Public Library.

image image image IMG_0576

The Collectors Club, US Postal, Long Island Philatelics are all there. The convention center has expanded nicely.

image image image image

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This gallery contains 23 photos.

  Congratulations! Weekend 1: We left home at 9:30 – managed a game before departing (no game next week) and made to Buffalo at 5:30. The 2nd and 3rd photos are of Tappan Zee.     First thing first: a hair cut. It’s … Continue reading

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This was a photo sharing site that I used for a while, which was a mistake because it shut down in 2012 – many photos were lost forever and many posts here now have a vacant space.

According to wiki, this site was founded in 2004 in San Francisco, to make software for social media such as MySpace and FaceBook. In January 2008, it received $50m financing from undisclosed institutional investors on $500m valuation. Google acquired it in 2010 and eventually shut down in 2012.

I thought they shut down was much earlier. But guess I was wrong.

FB and Google are still going strong, and photo sharing sites are much in demand. However, Slide didn’t survive to see it and I lost many many valuable photos. I couldn’t believe that Google would let gone under. What about the end users?

Choosing your partner carefully.


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Gold Coast arts center

imageThis building is or was an art center where my kids went for some classes, such as drawing, acting, etc. It’s under the same roof as a movie theater. One of the screens in the movie house has access to the parking lot in the back – where the front entrance to the art center.  The art center was formed by Regina Gil. Newsday reported in 2013 that “the Great Neck Arts Center officially becomes the Gold Coast Arts Center — a rebranding to reflect a larger regional focus, and quite an evolution since the arts program was conceived on a kitchen table by founder and executive director Regina Gil in 1986. Now offering a film festival and a full palette of arts programs, lectures, classes and outreach programs from Queens to Freeport,… Talking about drive and desire.

I attended a few Gold Coast Film Festival’s events in its 2nd year (2012), met Bill Plympton, the cartoonist and listened on making of an Indie file: A to Z.

On a far smaller scale, the DCCFF is into its third time since its creation in 2011. All good.


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A few red leaves on the deck

IMG_8202 R  IMG_8202

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